Custom Made Fortune Cookies:
Fortune cookies with your own desired messages are available for any occassion! Perfect for corporate events, conferences, parties, weddings, and everything else!

Our giant fortune cookies are perfect for more personal messages such as birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding proposals!

For more information on our custom made fortune cookies, call us at 415.362.3204, or fax us at 415.362.3253.

Pricing for custom order fortune cookies:

The minimum order is 100 fortune cookies, per flavor. If over 100, you can order in increments of 25 fortune cookies.

Regular Fortune Cookies: $0.32 each
Chocolate Fortune Cookies: $0.42 each
Strawberry Fortune Cookies: $0.42 each

*** For individually wrapped fortune cookies, ADD $0.13 each
*** For double-sided personalized messages, ADD $0.10 each

Personalized messages are limited to 3 lines and 32 characters and spaces per line. For every 50 fortune cookies you order, you can have a different personalized message.

Pricing for the Giant fortune cookies:

Each Giant Fortune Cookie is approximately 4" tall, is hand-folded, and comes in a sealed clear round container and has a shelf life of 3 months. A decorative bow and ribbon can also be placed on top of the giant cookie at no extra charge.

Giant Fortune Cookie with a regular fortune: $11.50 each
Giant Fortune Cookie with a custom/personalized message: $26.00 each

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